Another #MeToo Counterpart: #MeTooPhD

#MeToo has inspired many varied anti-sexual harassment movements and actions including #MeTooPhD, its academia counterpart. Karen Kelsky created the hashtag on social media as well as this spreadsheet survey for women to anonymously tell their stories of sexual harassment in the academy, which has over 2,400 entries. It is a place for women in academia to “share their stories without fear of censorship or judgment, to know they are not alone, and to find strength in numbers and a foundation from which to recover and perhaps take action.” In this article, Kelsky mentions that she got some responses articulating that if the survey were to be completely accurate, it would also contain entries describing situations in which men treated women with respect. This is a sign of how toxic our system of masculinity truly is: men are now wanting a prize for treating women with the respect they deserve. This is sickening. Of course not all men expect trophies, but the nature of the system encourages oppression, thus men who do not comply feel they should be rewarded. Society has become completely backward.

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